New Hope Private Special School provides a unique and powerful program proven to help students build successful futures. For over twenty years, our school’s focus has been inspiring its students to maximize their academic, social and creative potentials.


New Hope Private Special School offers students a singular experience. With our organization leading 5:1 student to teacher ratio, close-knit school environment, family culture and individualized programmes, New Hope Private Special School effectively works with high potential students who struggle with complex learning challenges.

New Hope Private Special School’s small size not only offers students intensive learning opportunities, but also opportunities for leadership; opportunities for successes to be noticed and celebrated, and opportunities for developing confidence, independence, and self-advocacy skills before transitioning to the higher education.

Strong enrichment programs ensure our students discover their desires and develop their strengths.

By blending capabilities for remediation and other educational approaches into the broader curriculum, we are uniquely positioned to help students prepare for the next step in their education.


All about Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, etc.)  

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