Q: What happens during the assessment?

A: A trained psychologist will administer a series of tests specifically designed to measure the individual’s skills in different areas.

Q: Will I be able to discuss the results with the psychologist?

A: Yes. Usually results are available within 2-3 days of the assessment, after which the psychologist will present a written report and discuss with you all aspects of the report.

Q: Is the assessment hard to do?

A: The individual tests are not hard to do. In fact most individuals are surprised to find the assessment process fun. 

Q: What tests are used during the assessment and what do they measure?

A: The series of tests are restricted psychometric tools for use by highly trained psychologists, but also a number of other tests are administered that can be used by teachers. All these tests are designed to measure an individuals’ intelligence, attainments, as well as abilities.

Q: What will the report consist of?

A: Even though the report is very detailed and written in a technical fashion designed to be read by any psychologist, a detailed explanation of all tests administered along with their results and interpretation is also included. Based on the test results recommendations and advice is also given in the report.

 Q: If I have any questions on the assessment process can these be answered prior to the assessment?

A: Yes, you can contact New Hope Assessment Centre either by email or phone (here) to discuss any details of the assessment process.